The 2017 SDRA Annual Meeting Was A Huge Success!

The Sand Dam Reservoir Association held its 2017 annual meeting on June 21. After a pre-meeting social hour, a the members in attendance heard reports from several committee members about the Association’s activities during the past year.

The Treasury Is In Excellent Condition

Treasurer Carolyn Fortuna had wonderful news. The fund raising dinner at Bella’s Restaurant in April was a huge success and netted the association over $5,000. Donations for the year totaled more than $2,000, and the GoFundMe site maintained by Dennis and Marissa Danville. Since its inception, it  has produced nearly $1,000 in extra income to the organization.

Lake Management News

The Lake Management Committee, headed by Art Searle, shared information about the annual drawdown and improvements to the suction harvester. He and Rico Colaluca have invested a great deal of time and effort into making the process simpler and more efficient.

Training for those who want to learn how to use the machinery is available. Carolyn Fortuna mentioned that there will be a special training session for females so that all the members of the Association can participate directly in the weed harvesting process.

Many Thanks To Dave Morin

Dave Morin

Photo credit: Rico Colaluca

Dave Morin is retiring as the Dam Master after more than 40 years. Dave’s tireless work in all sorts of weather has been key to maintaining the level of the lake so everyone can enjoy it. He was presented with a special plaque by President Judy Colaluca to commemorate his years of service to the organization.

Invasive Weeds

A spirited discussion ensued concerning milfoil in our lake. Early indications are that the pesky invasive weeds are more prevalent in some parts of the lake than normal. The Lake Management Committee was asked to examine any and all measures to keep the milfoil under control.

It will require a multi-pronged effort from everyone who lives on the lake. Eliminating chemical fertilizers for lawns near the lake will help. The Boat Greeter program that helps educates about the damage milfoil causes is another part of the process. Using the suction harvester can control part of the problem, and the Lake Management Committee will also research the many tools available in the invasive weed toolbox, including the application of herbicides.

All Welcome At Board Meetings

Steve Hanley stressed that all association members are welcome to attend monthly executive board meetings and offer suggestions. The executive board manages the needs of the Association during the year between annual meetings. Anyone who has an issue involving the lake is welcome at the meetings — which are kept to under two hours in length. Also, people with concerns are encouraged to contact any member of the executive board at any time.

Election Results

After the reports by the officers, directors and standing committees, elections for the coming year were held. All officers serve for a two year term. The following slate of officers was approved by the membership:

President: Judy Colaluca

Vice President: Carolyn Fortuna

Treasurer: Eric LaRivierre

Secretary: Mary O’Keefe

Steve Hopkins was elected to fill Eric’s spot on the executive board. Those positions are for a three year term. The other board members are Brian Sirois and Marissa Danville.

Our Mission Going Forward

The meeting emphasized how much the Association depends on volunteerism from its members. Many hours go into collecting water samples, coordinating with DEM, maintaining the dam, collecting trash around the lake, educating fishermen, operating the weed harvester, and communicating with the members of the organization.

Good stewardship of our precious lake requires constant input from the members. Our organization has never had more members and has never been as strong and as vibrant as it is today. That is a credit to the officers and directors but also to everyone who participates in so many ways every day.

Sand Dam Day

Sand Dam Day will be hosted this year by Jason Dionne and Terilyn Colaluca. Details will follow shortly.

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