Sand Dam Reservoir Association Newsletter

● ANNUAL DRAWDOWN begins October 1st. FYI, our DEM permit allows for a drop of 2 inches per day.
● Our lake was treated in June with Procellacor, targeting 30 acres at a total cost of $26,525. The followup
survey showed no evidence of milfoil. Many thanks to all who made this possible through your
participation in our Bella fundraisers in the few years prior, plus the efforts of so many this past year by
making donations, large & small, to help raise the needed money.
● Annual dues of $100 are due, actually overdue. If you’ve not yet paid your dues, please send a check to
our Treasurer, Marissa Danville, at P.O. Box 284, Chepachet, RI 02814. Thank you.
● Bella’s Social & Fundraiser: The Board initiated work to host this event in November, with Eric & Marissa
carrying out most of the tasks to date. However, with the current covid situation, all agreed that we
should postpone this until the Spring.
● The Steve Hopkins property: This refers to the land that runs from Keech Dam Rd. to the lake; some may
recognize it as a former quarry. The approximately 45 acres has been structured to provide for some
homes, with access from the road, and that comprises approximately ⅓ of the property, with the
remaining area earmarked for conservation. Steve worked hard to ensure that the property’s design
would support best practices, & gives SDRA an advisory role & notice regarding any potential changes to
the portion of the land set aside for conservation. All paperwork has now been finalized.
● Cleanup for the area across from the Transfer Station will be done in November: The date is to be
determined & is weather-dependent. More to follow closer to that time.
● SDRA is continuing to work with “Save the Lakes” to achieve legislation and funding that would assist
lakes in their efforts to combat invasive species

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