SDRA offers 2 primary types of membership.

Landowner Membership: Any landowner(s) with property adjacent to the Sand Dam Reservoir is eligible to join the Association and become a voting member of the Association.  A member of the SDRA shall be the recorded landowner(s) of property abutting the Reservoir and must pay annual dues for such membership.

(Landowners holding land-in-common are eligible only as a group for a single voting membership with dues the same as a single full membership. The landowners-in-common shall designate a representative of their choosing to cast one vote for the group in all SDRA matters.

Associate Membership

An associate member may be any individual or group interested in the SDRA. Such membership shall pay half the full membership dues and have access to all SDRA meetings and events but shall have no voting rights.

Special Memberships – please see by-laws for the limited possibilities under this category.


 June 2020-21:   $100 for members and $50 for associates.  Contact any Board member with questions.  Payments: Cash directly to Treasurer or check to SDRA and mail to PO Box 284, Chepachet, RI O2814, ATTN: Marissa Danville.

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