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Freshwater needs our help! Save The Lakes (STL) is aggressively working to build statewide awareness as our lakes continue to be threatened with aquatic invasive species. The goal is to acquire State financial support for lakes and a person dedicated to freshwater issues. To do this, STL is collecting signatures from across Rhode Island. The goal, with our help and the help of others, is to achieve a thousand or more signatures, using any of the formats provided, to achieve an ever-expanding circle of support so that our voices will be heard. Please act now to get this done, encouraging others to do the same.

  • If you did not already sign the petition at Sand Dam Day, please complete the online survey using the first link below. 
  • Also, it would be great if you could gain additional signatures by forwarding the survey to those on YOUR mailing lists.
  • In addition, please use the group format sheet at a family or other group gathering to expand the list of supporters.  
  • Use the individual format, listed third, to share with persons you know who represent an organization or group or who might be influential with the legislature.
  • If you have questions, contact me at neverneverlandjb@gmail or 401-578-2308 or call Judy at  401-486-8414.  Thank you!
  • Janice Baker- President, SDRA  and  Judy Colaluca – President, STL
  • The primary method for gaining “signatures of support” is through the Save the Lakes Endorsement Survey, using the link below. This is an easy method to use and you are being asked to complete the survey AND forward it to as many others as possible among your email contacts. The electronically completed surveys are automatically compiled at the site of origin.

Save The Lakes Endorsement Survey in Support of State Funding to Combat Aquatic Invasive Species

  • The second format that is valuable for GROUP settings. You would make copies of the petition format link to gather signatures in support of state level funding to help combat aquatic invasive species. These forms would be returned to Judy Colaluca, President of Save the Lakes. (ATTACHED)

 Group Format: “Save the Lakes” (STL) Endorsemen…

  • The third approach is for a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL to fill out, either in person or online, and would more likely be used for persons of influence with the State Legislature and other leaders of communities or groups who are supportive of this drive.

 STL Endorsement by Individual2 Attachments
2 Attachments


Sand Dam Reservoir Association Newsletter

● ANNUAL DRAWDOWN begins October 1st. FYI, our DEM permit allows for a drop of 2 inches per day.
● Our lake was treated in June with Procellacor, targeting 30 acres at a total cost of $26,525. The followup
survey showed no evidence of milfoil. Many thanks to all who made this possible through your
participation in our Bella fundraisers in the few years prior, plus the efforts of so many this past year by
making donations, large & small, to help raise the needed money.
● Annual dues of $100 are due, actually overdue. If you’ve not yet paid your dues, please send a check to
our Treasurer, Marissa Danville, at P.O. Box 284, Chepachet, RI 02814. Thank you.
● Bella’s Social & Fundraiser: The Board initiated work to host this event in November, with Eric & Marissa
carrying out most of the tasks to date. However, with the current covid situation, all agreed that we
should postpone this until the Spring.
● The Steve Hopkins property: This refers to the land that runs from Keech Dam Rd. to the lake; some may
recognize it as a former quarry. The approximately 45 acres has been structured to provide for some
homes, with access from the road, and that comprises approximately ⅓ of the property, with the
remaining area earmarked for conservation. Steve worked hard to ensure that the property’s design
would support best practices, & gives SDRA an advisory role & notice regarding any potential changes to
the portion of the land set aside for conservation. All paperwork has now been finalized.
● Cleanup for the area across from the Transfer Station will be done in November: The date is to be
determined & is weather-dependent. More to follow closer to that time.
● SDRA is continuing to work with “Save the Lakes” to achieve legislation and funding that would assist
lakes in their efforts to combat invasive species



 Sand Dam Reservoir Association Newsletter

 August 12,  2021


  • Sand Dam Day this Saturday, August 14th, 9-11 AM at 61 Wood Rd.  Come by boat or car!   Please bring a dish to share.  It will be so nice to see everyone, and in a lovely outdoors setting.  See notice, previously distributed, for details. Many thanks to Rico & Judy for hosting Sand Dam Day this year.
  • Save the Date:  Bella’s dinner/social/fundraiser coming November 13th!  The fabulous Black Tie Band will be providing great music and Kevin Kitson’s outstanding wines will accompany dinner. The raffle and silent auction will provide additional entertainment and opportunity for small treasures!
  • Dues,dues,dues!  For those who have not yet paid this year’s dues, it is time to do so. The amount remains unchanged at $100 for full membership (restricted to those owning property adjacent to Sand Dam Reservoir).  In addition, friends of SDRA are asked to become Associate members, at a fee of $50.  All funds help to support our efforts toward achieving a healthy lake. Please remit your check to: Marissa Danville, PO Box 284, Chepachet, RI 02814 or give it to any Board member.  Thank you.


  • In late June, approximately 30 acres of our lake was treated for milfoil using Procellacor at a total cost of $26,525.  Not a lot left in the treasury!
  • Phragmites were once again identified, growing in the cove area prior to the Morin’s properties, on the north side of the cove. Deb & Cleo have removed the bulk of it, and Justin will try to get at a couple of the more difficult growths within that location.
  • A couple of weeks ago, several people reported an odor toward the south end of the lake, and also indicated that the water did not seem to have the clarity it should. In conversations with a few other lakes, as well as guidance from Elizabeth Herron at Watershed Watch, it would seem that the heavy, continuing rains over a number of days, appear to have disturbed the waters to such a degree that caused some stirring up of the bottom layers, reducing clarity as well as disturbing the decaying milfoil, which can give off odor – as dead or dying plants are prone to do.
  • The Steve Hopkins property on Keech Dam Rd., formerly a quarry site, extends to the lake.  In recent years, as Steve took steps to develop the property, there was always attention to minimally impacting the lake. The site will have up to 14 houses located on ⅓ of the land, toward the road, all with proper drainage, and all of it away from the lake. The remaining ⅔ is intended to be left in its natural state, with paths and trails only . The Town of Glocester is named as a secondary party to the natural area, and SDRA is named as third party for the open space area.  There are absolutely no financial responsibilities for SDRA, nor can we be liable for any aspect of the property.  Our connection gives us a voice, should it be needed, or if changes are proposed to the naturally conserved area. Much appreciation to Steve for his thoughtfulness and caring in the development of this land, adopting approaches that would be favorable toward keeping our lake healthy. In addition, according to our by-laws, the Homeowners Association will be eligible for a single SDRA full membership, with one vote. 


SAND DAM DAY INVITE Please share with anyone you may know who does not have email or internet access to the SDRA Website


SDRA 2021 Boat Greeter Program: Volunteer Signup
Following are the dates remaining for known fishing tournaments at our lake. Contact Judy by phone (401-486-8414) or email ( to let her know the ones you can attend by giving:
● your name
● phone # or email address
● the date(s) when you can help
If not experienced with this program, no problem – training on the job is a great way to learn.

Date/Event Time/Club Volunteer shift

Sat, Aug. 7: 4pm-12am 3:15-4:15pm
Independent Bass Anglers

Sun, Aug. 15: 6am-2pm 5:15-6:15am
RI State Bassmasters

Thurs., Aug. 19: 5-9pm 4:30-5:15pm
Thursday Night League

Thurs., Sept. 16: 5-9pm 4:15 – 5:15pm
Thursday Night League


REMINDER: Please attend the SDRA Annual Meeting this evening, June 16th at the Glocester Senior Center, 1210 Putnam Pike, Glocester, RI 6:30 PM – arrival & informal chat time6:45 PM – meeting starts



 Glocester Senior Center, 1210 Putnam Pike, Chepachet, RI





  • President
  • Vice-president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer


  • Budget 
  • By-laws 
  • Nominating Committee 


  • Lake Smart Program
  • Boat Greeter Program 
  • Communications & Information Sharing


  • Water Quality Monitoring                   
  • Dam Management                             
  • Keech Pond Liaison/Relationship     
  • Annual Drawdown                        
  • Hand & Suction Harvesting               
  • Herbicides                                          


  • Trash
  • Town of Glocester
  • State of RI
  • Save The Lakes


  • Fundraising                        
  • Communications                 
  • Planning, documentation     
  • Insurance                          
  • Legal                               




  • Nominations Committee Recommendations & Vote
  • Sand Dam Day – Volunteer?  
  • Other




Lake and Watershed Annual Forum Wednesday, May 26, 2021 * 6:30-8 pm Johnston Memorial Park –               Dunn Building Pavilion   1583 Hartford Avenue *              Johnston, RI * 02919

                                                                                                                                                  It’s been too long since we gathered to share our question and experiences with lake and watershed management. A great deal has happened with updated state regulations and policies, increased recreational use of our local waters in response to Covid-19, and so much more. Please join lake association and watershed group members from around the state for presentations from Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s Office of Water Resources (RI DEM) staff explaining changes in the freshwater wetlands regulations, answer your questions, address issues and update us about their activities. Learn more about the Resident Initiative, promoted by Save The Lakes to engage local and state action to benefit Rhode Island’s freshwaters. Come ready to share your point of view and learn more about how we all can save the lakes. Save the Lakes is proud to be hosting this outdoor meeting, which allows you to safely spend time with other waterfront neighbors sharing solutions to waterfront problems. Lakeside stewardship means learning how to care for your lake and the lands around it – and here is your chance to become a lake steward! Bring a folding chair and join us for some fun, education, and socially distant networking as we learn more about our lakes and how we can work together to keep them, and us, healthy.

 Save the Lakes * 61 Wood Road * Chepachet, RI, 02814 * Tel: (401) 486-8141 * Email:

SDRA Board Meeting 05/17/21

SDRA Board Meeting Agenda – May 17, 2021 at 7 PM
(to be conducted telephonically)
Call to Order
Roll Call
Vice President
Secretary (March Minutes review & approval)
Herbicides Contract Update………………………….…..Deb
Restaurant initiative……………,,,,,,.……………………….Deb
Earth Day & Trash………………………………………….Judy
Statewide Initiatives/STL………..…………….…….…….Judy
ANNUAL MEETING/draft agenda………………………………..Janice
(Attachment 1- Especially see specific questions)
Board Concerns
Member Concerns
Next Meeting

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