Announcements & Key Events


How to attend the Town of Glocester Town Meeting go to : Click on: Upcoming Meeting Thursday, January 21,2020 @ 7:30 Agenda & Zoom Info- there you will find the meeting ID & password to get into the meeting.
Please try to attend!
Thank you!


Dear SDRA Members & Families,

SDRA will be making a brief presentation to the Town Council Thursday evening that will provide a little background about us but its focus will be MILFOIL.  We will be trying to improve public awareness about this invasive species, and seek their support, including financial assistance.  

The meeting is at 7:30 PM on Thursday (not Wednesday) and anyone can attend via zoom.  Unfortunately, we do not know just when our agenda item will occur within that meeting. 

Zoom information and Agenda information will be posted late Tuesday (not Monday) afternoon and can be found at

It might be helpful to have many “attending” as a show of interest and support from our members.

Many thanks to Judy for working steadfastly to make this happen.


Dear SDRA Member,
As you know, we were unable to have our primary fundraiser at Bella’s last Spring – a function where we
typically earn about $4000 after expenses are paid. Such a large profit is only possible because of:
● the generous donation of wines by Kevin Kitson;
● services donated by the fantastic Black Tie Band;
● donations provided by various businesses in support of our silent auction;
● participation in the silent auction, as well as the raffle, and
● the purchase of tickets ($45 in recent years) by each of you.
OUR CURRENT STATUS: In spite of the superb efforts in 2020 of our suction harvesting teams, as of October,
we still have an estimated 22 acres of milfoil that have been mapped. The November warm weather
spell has likely nurtured this growth even more and we can expect those numbers to increase by next
summer! Please bear in mind that:
SDRA is asking EACH OF YOU to make a donation, at a minimum taking into consideration what you
would have spent at Bella’s last Spring. Please consider the following:
● the full or at least half the price of the $45 Bella’s tickets you & and your family would have
purchased; & some additional amount similar to what you would have spent on the silent
auction & raffle;
● if you fall into a more financially able group, a large donation of $300, $500, $600 or $1000;
payments can be spread out according to your choice: monthly or 2 or more payments;
● any amount that you can manage – because every donation is helpful.
SDRA has non-profit status so your donations are tax-deductible.

OR GIVEN TO ANY BOARD MEMBER (Janice, Deb, Elaine, Marissa, Eric, Cleo, Judy)

Thank you for your help! It is very much needed !