Water Quality Monitoring

Water Quality Monitoring:  This program is part of the URI Watershed Program. Each year water samples are collected throughout the summer and brought to URI for analysis.  The latest data as of June 2020 follows.

  • Our lake is considered pristine by most of the testing results.  For example, our “Total Phosphorus levels, a very important measurement, place Smith & Sayles at the very low end of the moderate category. Yet the fight against phosphorus is a never-ending battle.   Lawn fertilizers, pet waste, greywater and septic discharge affect our ph (phosphorus) levels. It is also very important not to feed the ducks or geese.  We must ALL remain diligent in our efforts to keep the lake clean.
  • Regarding Alkalinity, Sand Dam Reservoir/Smith & Sayles falls into the endangered category.  Acid rain is a contributor.  This factor is not directly within our control although anything we do to prevent runoff from our properties is a positive step to take.


Chair/Lead Person:  Deb Silva

OBJECTIVE(S):  To test and record water quality for SDRA & URI Watershed Watch

MayPick up equipment from URI.  On designated day collect water samples from tributaries & main sites.Deb SilvaDonor who wishes to remain anonymous donates SDRA’s fees to URI; $250.Boat is needed to get to collection sites. Son can provide backup;URI course (2days) is required & offered in the Spring if new people are trained in the future.
June, bi-weeklyFilter samples & freeze; check & record water clarity and temperature.Deb
JulySame as June; but on day designated by URI: must sample main site & tributaries & take immediately to URI.DebAll lakes involved in the URI Watershed Program conduct these measurements  on the same day. 
AugustSame as June & JulyDeb
SeptemberFinal water collection & bring water samples & frozen filters to URI & return equipment.
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