Over the years, Sand Dam Reservoir Association has shared information with its members through newsletters and other forms of communication.  As we look back, we remember — fondly — the original SDRA newsletter writers who pecked away on manual typewriters and created multiple copies with carbon paper.  As technology evolved, so, too, did our means of communication.

In the twenty-first century, email provides us with an expedient form of delivering information, but it’s sometimes hard to identify what’s important among the hundreds of emails that appear in our In Boxes.  As a result, SDRA has returned to a quarterly newsletter as a means of keeping members informed and active in the lake goings-on. We publish the newsletters on our blog and also send out an invitation to our members to view the newsletter through email.

Please visit our “What’s Happening at SDRA” page to see all newsletters, as well as articles of interest to our members and interested website visitors.