Water Levels Monitoring


Chair/Lead Persons: Mike Benoit, Rico Colaluca & his family, Art Searle

OBJECTIVES: (1) To maintain safe and appropriate water levels throughout the year; & 

(2) To conduct an annual drawdown process to promote freezing as a strategy for destroying the invasive species, variable leaf milfoil, in shallower waters.

Ongoing, with heightened activity during drawdownRaise and lower dam gate as needed to support swimming & boating during summer months, prevent flooding, & achieve appropriate drawdown levels during October-AprilMike BenoitAssistance to Mike as needed is done by his son,, Art Searle, Dan Morin, Rico & Aaron Colaluca
OngoingCoordinate with Keech Pond re: opening & closing of their dam gates to support Annual DrawdownMike BenoitTom Chadwick is the Keech contact.Policy is that, annually,  October 1st will be the start date for the drawdown.

Take daily water measurements to ensure drawdown happens at about 2”/day & total does not exceed 54 inches; measurements taken daily through end of December, then weeklyRico & his family; Art

Once drawdown level of 54 inches is reached, only weekly depth readings are necessary.
Periodically during drawdownMeasure dissolved oxygen levels    a few times during drawdown; weather is a factor & especially difficult in winter months.MikeMike Benoit has the meter for taking measurements, a process started in approximately 2015.
OngoingMaintain & update data on water levels as appropriate during the drawdown.Art  continues to keep the drawdown records publicly available at https://sites.google.com/site/sdradrawdown/.

NOTE: Meetings with state officials to achieve approval for  SDRA’s 54” drawdown included: DEM Freshwater Wetland chief(retired) Russ Chateneuf & Brian Moore (no longer serving in that capacity); Dam Safety Engineer Paul Gugliemo;  from DEM Freshwater Fishing Katie De Goosh-DiMarzio 401-222-4700, x7211;RIDEM Office of Water Resources, Freshwater Wetlands Program,  Program Supervisor Chuck Horbert, 401-222-4700, x7401; RIDEM Principal Freshwater Biologist Alan D. Libby. 

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