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POLICIES (adopted 2020)

Definition:    A policy is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes;  a statement of intent, and is implemented as a procedure or protocol. Policies are generally adopted by a governance body within an organization.

At its May Board Meeting, the following policies were adopted to guide the work of SDRA.   The rationale for each policy is provided in brief.

Lake Surveys: Policy developed to ensure annual lake surveys, periodic broader surveys & good practice for selecting vendors. 

  • It shall be the policy of SDRA to conduct an annual survey of the lake to, at a minimum, identify invasive species, such as variabe leaf mifoil, phragmites and bladderwort.
  • Funds permitting, each 5th year a professional, comprehensive lake survey shall be carried out to assess and describe the overall health of the lake.
  • Bid specifications shall be developed for all lake surveys to ensure that bidders are working with and responding to the same information and requirements; the lowest qualified bidder shall be selected.

Lake Drawdown:  SDRA is bound by timelines stemming from DEM approval to conduct this process. A letter from a concerned local fisherman to DEM meant taking a look at our procedures and making some minor adjustments as we seek to maintain a positive relationship with our State & local community while fully supporting the achievement of drawdown goals.   This important process is conducted involving many hours of commitment from the dedicated team that does the actual drawdown, plus the  recording & documenting of extensive data. Many thanks to Mike Benoit, Art, Rico & his family, & all others who help out.

  • The annual lake drawdown to attack the invasive species variable-leaf milfoij (VLM) in shallower waters shall commence annually on October 1st or the weekend prior to help achieve maximum  drawdown levels in accordance with SDRA’s permit from DEM.
  • Data shall be collected to measure water levels at periodic intervals from the time drawdown is initiated to its refill point; the length of the intervals will vary and will be determined by the Lake Drawdown Team. Other pertinent data shall also be collected periodically, such as dissolved oxygen levels, and freezing days.
  • The Dam Master, in coordination with the data keeper, shall determine when sufficient freezing days have been achieved to kill the invasive milfoil in shallower waters; and shall notify both the president & secretary.
  • Water refill will commence within 2 weeks following the accomplishment of the necessary consecutive freezing days for the drawdown to achieve its goal; SDRA membership will be notified in advance.

Communications: At the 2019 Annual Meeting, as part of the By-laws review, the following was noted as a possible consideration for that set of rules.  However, it was recommended by the By-laws review team that it should not be in the by-laws but considered in some other way. It is included here because this is an appropriate type of policy for an association such as ours.

  • The President shall act as the official spokesperson for SDRA.
  • The President or Board may authorize others to represent SDRA at meetings or on other occasions. However, any member may speak on SDRA matters in his/her individual capacity. (
  • The Board shall make every effort to keep the membership informed on all matters of substance using the website, newsletters and special communications via email.
  • All SDRA members are encouraged to have email access, whether directly or with the help of a family member or friend, to ensure timely and cost efficient access to news and information.  

Notifications: A consistent set of procedures was needed.

Member-shipStatusEmail  addressavailableUSPS address(no email)Annual Meeting NoticeAnnual Meeting MinutesBOD Meeting NoticesBOD Meeting MinutesSpecial Meeting NoticesNewsLettersSpecial   Lake Treatment Notices
Unpaid/not currentYYYNNNYNY
For the purpose of receiving SDRA notifications: a paid membership is one identified by the Treasurer as paid within 60 days of the due date of September 1st (as noted in SDRA By-Laws  Article II, Section 5). If unpaid by October 31st, membership status will change to unpaid and notifications will be adjusted accordingly.
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