Lake Drawdown




  • Mike handles the raising & lowering of the water, an especially demanding job during the drawdown period; Mike’s son, Brandon, provides backup, as needed.
  • Mike coordinates with Keech to minimize negative impact of their waters during drawdown. 
  • Art ensures the setup is in place to record the data & periodically displays the data on the drawdown site;  the charts help us visualize lake levels with 3 or more consecutive freezing days & no snow cover – the conditions that must be achieved for a successful drawdown.
  • Rico does daily water level measurements; the readings are added directly to a google sheet via this form: . Daily statistics (and then weekly after the drawdown is completed) are published here:   This data is public. 
  • Mike does dissolved oxygen level readings, which should be taken or bi-weekly when possible; these readings are taken at the north end of the lake “as close to the center of the lake as possible”, and ice thickness shall be measured weekly as appropriate. Weather factors can affect the feasibility of doing these measurements as frequently as is desirable.
  • Rico, Art & Janice review data and charts as the season progresses; whoever first notices the conditions are met for the drawdown, he/she will alert the other 2 people.  
  • Janice will alert Mike re: date to initiate the refill process; refill must be completed not later than the end of March.
  • Mike will conduct the refill process.


  • Policy: Drawdown will be initiated on October 1st, annually.
  • Notifies the membership at least 2 weeks in advance of the drawdown initiation date.
  • SDRA President alerts Mike to the refill date, based on data compiled (see websites noted above), that shows freezing requirements have been met.
  • Notifies the membership at least one week in advance of when the refill will begin, typically in March.

**location of DEM permit:

Annual Drawdown: 2019-20    

Here are four pictures of the drawdown taken from the south end of the lake off of the dam taken by Ray Theriault. The bottom picture is of Archie’s cove. Fall 2020.

Archie’s Cove

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