SDRA “Snapshot”

MISSION: SDRA is a voluntary Association of concerned landowners, neighbors and friends of the Sand Dam Reservoir (also known as Smith & Sayles Reservoir) whose mission is to provide stewardship to the lake and its community. Members come together to preserve, protect, and improve the quality of our environment here: our water and habitat, for recreation and tranquility, now and in the future.
● To educate SDRA members, boat owners who access the lake, and other interested persons & groups;
● To manage the lake’s waters;
● To engage interested and important persons and partners via community outreach.

● Maintain and nourish SDRA website; and publish quarterly newsletters;
● Implement a Lake Smart Program to inform landowners re: best practices and support changes that will benefit the lake;
● Conduct Boat Greeter Program which provides information to boaters visiting SDR to encourage their adoption of best practice in cleaning their boats and caring for the lake’s water & surrounding area.

● Assess water quality in conjunction with URI’s Watershed Watch Program;
● Maintain appropriate water levels in relation to weather, lake drawdown & Keech Pond levels;
● Survey annually to identify and map the locations of invasive species, including variable leaf milfoil,
bladderwort, and phragmites;
● Implement strategies throughout the summer to diminish invasive species, including:
*Training landowners to identify invasive species and also those that are not;
*Eyes on the Lake”: responsibility to report invasives to Lake Management Leadership
*Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH)
*Hand Harvesting – in shallower waters
● Apply herbicides if deemed necessary;
● Conduct winter drawdown annually & maintain comprehensive data collection system.
● Communicate with state and local officials regarding SDR issues;
● Collaborate with the Town of Glocester on Earth Days, as well as similar SDRA initiatives;
● Liaise with and support partnership efforts and shared initiatives with “Save The Lakes” (STL);
● Conduct SDRA membership drives.

  1. Conduct fundraising and maintain fiscal responsibility;
  2. Maintain appropriate insurance levels and related requirements;
  3. Implement legal requirements;
  4. Participate/volunteer to help achieve SDRA objectives.
  5. Implement Board responsibilities
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