What’s Happening at SDRA

What’s Happening At SDRA



JUNE 27, 2014



 OPENING REMARKS – Ray Theriault




Lake Management Plan – Ray Theriault

o   Drawdown – Judy Colaluca

o   Chemicals – Ray Theriault

o   Dam Spillway – Dave Morin

o   Boat Ramp Inspections – Mary O’Keeffe

o   Education – Carolyn Fortuna

o   DEM Dam Violation – Ray Theriault

o   Monti Milfoil Mat Project – Ray Theriault

O’Donnell Property – Judy Colaluca

Keech Pond – Sharon and Ernie Heon

Hydroelectric – Rico Colaluca

Fund Raising – Ray Theriault

Water Testing – Deb Silva

Website – Carolyn Fortuna

Sunshine – Carolyn Fortuna

Save the lakes – Judy Colaluca

Sand Dam Day – Ray Theriault


Nominations and Elections – Rico Colaluca


Please check with our Treasurer to insure you are paid up for dues.



Thanks to the efforts of many SDRA Members, SDRA  received yesterday in the 
mail a discharge of the DEM Violation. I recorded the discharge ( $49.00) 
this morning at the Glocester Town Hall (i.e. 24 June 2014) and SDRA is clear of the violation.
Future  action requires SDRA  pay attention to the upkeep of the Dam to 
avoid a recurrence of this violation.
SDRA needs to maintain contact with the Town for assistance in the 
maintenance of the Dam.  In particular this entails adding rip rap whenever 
possible and trash pick up when applicable.  Also, everyone has to be 
vigilant in recognizing anything that could effect the structure of the dam 
such as rotting tree stumps, etc, and bring it to the attention of the 
SDRA was very fortunate to have hired Bob Fairbanks, Fairbanks Engineering, 
to inspect and compile the report required by DEM. His professionalism and 
understanding of our situation is worthy of special mention.
Overall we did very well.  Thanks to all participants for a job well done.

---Ray Theriault--

Milfoil Mat Project, June 2014

As a management technique, milfoil mats offer a quick solution for small, dense beds of milfoil that are feeding fragments into a water body. When a mat is placed, it creates a dead zone in terms of plant life, eradicating the milfoil and other plants as the sun is blocked out.  The successful implementation of a matting effort supplemented by a hand-pulling program can enable an organization to remove milfoil in any eradication phase.

An attempt to install a pilot milfoil mat occurred on Monday, June 23rd, 2014 with the help of half a dozen volunteers, their powered and non-motorized boats, and the gift of calm weather. Volunteers included Ralph, Cleo, John, Deb, Lauren, Dan, Art, Mary, Sam, Ashley, Rosey, Rico, Judy, Elaine, and Ray.  This endeavor was a test to see if a specific area of the lake bottom when covered would stop the growth of milfoil in that area.  Professional installation could have cost SDRA over $1000, but this community effort accrued only $103 in costs to the Association.

SDRA will continue to monitor the mat and investigate other cost-saving and effective milfoil deterrents.  Thanks to everyone for your diligence and perseverance!