Boat Ramp Inspection Calendar

If you’re interested in joining a Boat Ramp Inspection on Smith & Sayles Reservoir, please check this the 2018 calendar of visits to Smith & Sayles Reservoir from the RI Bass Association.

Tournament dates and corresponding volunteer shifts for 2018 include:
June 21st Thursday 4-5:30pm shift
July 10th Tuesday 4-5:30pm shift
July 15th Sunday 6-7:30am shift
August 2nd Thursday 4-5:30pm shift
August 7th Tuesday 4-5:30pm shift
August 26th Sunday 5-6:30am shift
Sept 9th Sunday 5-6:30am shift
Sept 20 Thursday 4-5:30pm shift
Sept 30 Sunday 6-7:30am shift

New boat inspection team members are always welcomed. You can come once or multiple times. It’s really fun!