Suction Harvester Session on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Good Afternoon~

We are gearing up for the weekend and as of right now, I have 4 people who responded back to me that are willing to work on the harvester this Sunday morning.

I would like to be on location starting the pump by 7:30am. This way we can get a couple of hours work in and still have plenty of time to enjoy the day.

I would like to apologize to everyone in the cove before hand to let them know the machine may be loud and apologize for any inconvenience.

If anyone in the cove would like to come out with their kayaks and just offer an extra eye to ensure we do not miss any weeds that may get by those working on the boat, it would be greatly appreciated. We also welcome anyone offering a snack or refreshment for those who are harvesting.

Finally, all are welcome to come watch and learn about the harvester and how it works. The hope is to get those interested comfortable enough to go out with a team of their own. The lake is currently looking beautiful and that is due to the chemicals. While some are for and some opposed to this type of treatment, the weeds will not be gone forever. The harvester is paid for but any future treatments are not. Even if some are willing to donate funds for future treatments, right now harvesting is the best way to combat the weeds without having to pay for it.

Thank you and lets continue to work together and build the best possible community on Sand Dam Reservoir.


Aaron Colaluca

SDRA Lake Management Chair


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