Step Up and Run for Office with SDRA!

Dear SDRA Members,

It is that time of year when we are working toward developing a slate of Board members for the upcoming 2 years for Officer positions and for a single Director/at-large position that is a 3-year term. To be eligible to serve as an Officer one must have been an SDRA member for at least 3 years, whereas only a single year of SDRA membership is required for the Director/at-large position.

If you have the time, interest and commitment, please put your name forward for consideration. To do so please answer the 3 questions listed below and submit it electronically or by the United States Post Office to arrive NOT LATER THAN Friday, May 17th. To file electronically send your information to one of the following (or all 3):

Rico Colaluca:
Steve Hanley:
Janice Baker:

If mailing, please send information to: SDRA, PO Box 284, Chepachet, RI 02814.

The goal of the Nominating Committee is to present a proposed slate of nominees to the membership. Only if we are unable to identify someone to fill a position will nominations be accepted from the floor for that position (s) at the Annual Meeting. Thank you for considering service to the SDRA in a Board member capacity.

Rico, Steve & Janice





(1) What position are you interested in?
( ) President ( ) Vice-President ( ) Secretary ( ) Treasurer ( ) At-Large

(2) Tell us a little bit about yourself. It could be about why you are interested in serving, or prior experience that could be helpful, or about your commitment.

(3) Would you be willing to accept an alternate position? ( ) Yes ( ) No

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