Dear Members & Friends of SDRA,

Freshwater needs our help! Save The Lakes (STL) is aggressively working to build statewide awareness as our lakes continue to be threatened with aquatic invasive species. The goal is to acquire State financial support for lakes and a person dedicated to freshwater issues. To do this, STL is collecting signatures from across Rhode Island. The goal, with our help and the help of others, is to achieve a thousand or more signatures, using any of the formats provided, to achieve an ever-expanding circle of support so that our voices will be heard. Please act now to get this done, encouraging others to do the same.

  • If you did not already sign the petition at Sand Dam Day, please complete the online survey using the first link below. 
  • Also, it would be great if you could gain additional signatures by forwarding the survey to those on YOUR mailing lists.
  • In addition, please use the group format sheet at a family or other group gathering to expand the list of supporters.  
  • Use the individual format, listed third, to share with persons you know who represent an organization or group or who might be influential with the legislature.
  • If you have questions, contact me at neverneverlandjb@gmail or 401-578-2308 or call Judy at  401-486-8414.  Thank you!
  • Janice Baker- President, SDRA  and  Judy Colaluca – President, STL
  • The primary method for gaining “signatures of support” is through the Save the Lakes Endorsement Survey, using the link below. This is an easy method to use and you are being asked to complete the survey AND forward it to as many others as possible among your email contacts. The electronically completed surveys are automatically compiled at the site of origin.

Save The Lakes Endorsement Survey in Support of State Funding to Combat Aquatic Invasive Species

  • The second format that is valuable for GROUP settings. You would make copies of the petition format link to gather signatures in support of state level funding to help combat aquatic invasive species. These forms would be returned to Judy Colaluca, President of Save the Lakes. (ATTACHED)

 Group Format: “Save the Lakes” (STL) Endorsemen…

  • The third approach is for a SINGLE INDIVIDUAL to fill out, either in person or online, and would more likely be used for persons of influence with the State Legislature and other leaders of communities or groups who are supportive of this drive.

 STL Endorsement by Individual2 Attachments
2 Attachments

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